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As this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival kicks off in Austin, TX with SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive, part of the opening action includes the Mobile App Hackathon. Apps have a history of making big news. With so many developers attending SXSW, it seemed only natural for someone to run a healthy tech completion, which is what AT&T did with its Mobile App Hackathon. And I got 3rd-Place Winner for developing Lance’s Recipe Mobile App. I developed the Mobile App using

HTML5 CSS3, jQuery & utilize Apigee APIs for content storage. It was great honor to build Mobile app for such big celebrity. The company lined up Chicago Bears Pro-Bowler Lance Briggs, a self-admitted comic book fanatic in search

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mobile app. With prime real estate on the first floor of the SXSW Convention Center, AT&T invited developers to create a design for the app, within 24 hours. As added incentive, AT&T tossed in $46K of cash and prizes. AT&T SXSW 2012 Winners “The developer community is driving the economy,” Said Ben Nelson, marketing manager of the AT&T developer program, based in Redmond. “The hackathon is a chance to show what they’re capable of.” The company set up facilities in the main lobby of the Convention Center where, after a Friday night intro, the developers were provided the time and space to go to work. While the SXSW event is not AT&T’s first hackathon, having produced several, most notably one for the city of San Diego focused on improving the quality of life there, the Austin challenge may be one of the most intense. The apps can be platform agnostic and the final judge at the end of the cycle is Briggs, who wants an app to communicate with his fans. The teams can be anywhere from one to several people. Coding like crazy in the AT&T room at SXSW was just one-person team by myself. And I was the only team with single force. It’s not about the money, It’s the idea of doing something cool. It was great experience & fun. And having in top 3 winner was awesome.   AT&T SXSW Part 1 AT&T SXSW Part 2 AT&T SXSW Part 3 AT&T SXSW Part 4

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